Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

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How do you feel about affiliate marketing? Is this a good area to get into? Why or why not? Have you had any good successes being an affiliate? Likewise, do you have any horror stories (without naming company names, I know)?

I believe I’ve actually written about this before, and my thoughts haven’t changed much on the matter.

I am not a fan of affiliate marketing for many reasons.

Case in point? If I ever recommended a product that you bought on Amazon (based on my recommendation) without going through my designated link, I don’t get the credit. Yikes. People who don’t deal with my type of business don’t understand just how outlandish – and unsustainable – that is for someone in my position.

That’s about as horrific as it gets.

I believe that the only true winners with affiliate programs are the people who operate them. To that end, I’ve longed to figure out a unique product I could sell and find affiliates to sign on as resellers.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?