What Keeps You Going to Work?

Shelley asked me:

What makes you do the things you do every day? Why do you push yourself? What is it that makes you want to keep going every day – even when the going is tough?

The short answer is: YOU. All of you – the community – is what keeps me pushing myself day in and day out.

I’ve said a million times that building a good community is everything. It’s why I do the things I do. That’s the reason I get up in the mornings and head into my office. Y’all make me strive to change things for the better, find new ways to engage and keep making sure everyone is able to easily communicate with each other.

Is it always easy? Of course not! People’s needs and interests change. Google changes the way we find websites. Facebook changes the things you do and do not see on your feed. Haters hate. Whiners whine. Some days I do what everyone does at some point – question if what I’m doing is worth it.

You know what, though? The answer to that is always a resounding YES!

Why do YOU do what you do? What drives you each and every day?

What Keeps You Going to Work?