Is Social Media Good or Bad?

Charlene Gray is concerned about what’s happening in the social sphere.

Is social media good – or bad? It seems to me that almost daily there are more people spreading hate instead of talking to each other and learning from each other. What do you think?

It’s both.

We already know why social media is good. It connects us all in ways we never imagined just a few years ago.

How is it bad, though? I believe that in some ways, it has perpetuated the anger, hatred, intolerance and ignorance among us. Think about how many Tweets and Facebook posts you see each day that are slurs against someone (or an entire subset of people) couched in a “joke.” How often do you see outright hatred being spewed across your streams?

The ease of social media posting has given a voice not only to those of us trying to make the world a better place, but also to those who are trying to tear it apart because they are ignorant.

Just as social media sites have made it easier for us to connect with others in a positive way, they have made it easier for the human race to tear each other down. It takes ten seconds to type out a Tweet or Wall post – and a lifetime to erase the pain that your words could cause. Think before you post. Stop hiding behind a keyboard and take ONE moment to decide if you are one of those contributing to the ball of antipathy surrounding our lives. If so – do the rest of us a favor and just knock it off already.

Is Social Media Good or Bad?