What Should a New Blogger Write?

Techinformania asked:

What should a newb blogger post? She s/he post something about themselves or just start posting what others want?

First – posting an introduction in the blog itself isn’t really a good idea. It will quickly get buried and no one will see it. Try making a separate “About” page on the blog site so that people can get to know you.

Second – why on Earth would you ever write what someone else wanted? Even if the point of writing a blog is so that others will read it, you’re not supposed to write whatever it is they think you should.

You need to focus on what YOU want to write. Write what you know and are passionate about. Put your own spin on your topics. Add in your thoughts and feelings. Ask questions of your readers. Trust me… people who are interested in the same things will love what you’re doing if you’re being yourself and writing what you love.

Don’t do anything “for” someone else. Do it for you.

What Should a New Blogger Write?