What Does It Mean to Be Sponsored?

SolidSafety asked:

What does being sponsored mean? I know that it can help you but don’t know how and what it does. I know that a lot of people are being sponsored on YouTube or their websites. What’s this all about?

Being sponsored means that a company believes in you and what you’re doing and wants to help. In some cases, it just means that you have something a company wants: lots of exposure.

Company X may have a product that best fits the audience you have on YouTube and your website(s). You have a fairly good-sized following, so they approach you and offer to sponsor you in exchange for promotion – a video, a link in an article or even a social media status. The benefit you receive could be money or product(s) – it depends on the company and your needs.

Company Y may see that you’re hosting a meetup or conference in the near future. The person there may completely believe in the message you’re trying to bring to your audience, and so the company decides to be a partner – they give money to the event in exchange for branding of some type during it. The company wants to be associated with whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish in this case.

What other questions do you have about sponsorship? If you feel you have a great audience, a new perspective or something unique to say, don’t hesitate to reach out to companies to inquire about potential sponsorships!

What Does it Mean to be Sponsored?