Is Full Integration or Wide Experience More Important?

Ehtesham asked:

I am currently thinking of buying a laptop, tablet, and a phone but I am not sure what I should look for. Should I go for a perfect integration between all my devices like a Macbook, iPad, and iPhone or should I go for a full experience of all phones like Windows laptop, iPad, and an Android device?

It honestly depends on the experience you’re looking for. The most important thing to remember is to get devices/machines that work for you. Does each one offer you what you need? Will all-Windows or all-Apple devices do what you expect of them?

Another thing to think about is ecosystem: are you partial to one over another? Do you have fears of “switching” operating systems?

Something else: money. Let’s face it: certain types of devices cost more than others. I’m not going to argue whether those particular pieces of technology are “better” or not: that’s relative, anyway. But you have to keep your budget in mind when looking at what to buy next.

What about all of you? Is it more important to you to have all of your machines and devices “match,” or do you enjoy using things from a variety of manufacturers?

Is Full Integration or Wide Experience More Important?