How Do You Manage Your Time?

WickedZen asked:

I am a full time student, and aspiring writer, with a family. For some time now I have used Sunbird to keep track of my schedule, specifically my tasks (assignments, tests, projects, etc) as a student. I review and update this schedule dozens of times during a day. Recently my main laptop died, cause unknown and is on its way to be checked out. I had to switch to using my old, backup laptop. I was able to pull out my hard drive and get the data, including my schedule, onto my backup. If I had been unable to do so, I would have been in serious trouble rebuilding my schedule and keeping up with everything.

Any suggestions for task/schedule management software that I can sync between different computer(s) and a tablet, as well as online but with an offline feature if I ever cant access online?

Honestly? Google’s calendar may be your best option. Once you fill out your calendar, you can easily sync it to a number of different places, including to your computer. Having this easily available via your phone or other mobile device is great – along with the fact that you can have it open right on your desktop while working and set it to give you reminder notifications.

I do know some people that use their phone’s built-in task reminder/scheduler to handle things such as appointments for them, as well.

What about everyone out there? What would you suggest? What are you using to keep track of everything in your busy life?

How Do You Manage Your Time?