Do Online Relationships Really Work?

Kevin asked:

Do online relationships actually work? I met a girl online and we’ve been talking for months. I think I love her, but how can I know this is real? Can you actually love someone you’ve only “met” online? Can a relationship become “real-life” after only being online?

I know many people who met their significant other online. There have been a few relationships which started after people met each other through one of our LockerGnome sites or chats! I’m not kidding… Melanie and Mike, for instance, have now been married for quite some time! There are others, as well.

To more fully answer this question, I turned to my Social Media Manager, Kat. She just got married in March (on her birthday!) to a man she met three years ago while playing an MMORPG. She’s pretty happy, so I guess it’s safe to say things are working out for her.

Kat and David met in their guild on their (at the time) favorite game. They talked for hours every day for several weeks in private chats and on instant messenger. Then one day, she gave him her number and he called. Six hours later, they hung up. This continued for a few months, and even branched into video chats.

That summer, she bit the bullet and flew from Indiana to Oklahoma to meet him. A few weeks later when she headed home, he went with her to meet the family and spend more time together. Three years (almost to the day at the time of this writing) later, he’s still there with her and they’re now happily married.

Yes, online relationships can work. I’m not sure how I feel about two people who fall in love online and then spend years in that relationship without ever having hope to actually meet in person. I can’t imagine how difficult that would be, you know?

But if you feel a real connection with someone – I say you should go for it. I mean seriously – you never know where love will find you, right? Be smart and be safe. Don’t give out personal information two days into your “love” affair. Meet for the first time in public. You know all of those rules. Just be REAL – and see where it takes you.

What do all of you think? Have you met a love online?

Do Online Relationships Really Work?