How Do You Manage Your Online Presence?

Patron Andrew must be struggling with all of his social profiles! Perhaps he’s starting to burn out? You, too, can become a Patron and receive priority answers to your questions!

How do you manage your online presence? Do you use any software solutions to help you?

I know I’ve talked about this in the past, but it’s always a good reminder to bring up occasionally. I have a LOT of online profiles… in more places than I can remember. Currently, I am using about nine of those daily.

I do have help with my social media, as all of you know. HootSuite saves our bacon: it’s a simple way to schedule and/or send out status messages to multiple networks. Notice – we never send the exact same thing out everywhere. It’s always slightly tailored to the audience and network. There are some networks that HootSuite can’t handle, of course. For those, we end up just logging in manually and keeping yet another tab open all day long.

How do all of YOU manage your online lives? Do you use a solution such as HootSuite, or do you do everything via apps or browser?

How Do You Manage Your Online Presence?