How Can You Appeal a Denied College Application?

Gamer1025 writes:

I have applied to a college and I was denied because of my GPA of 2.0. I have emailed the school, stating that I really want to go there and I asked what I could do to get in. I was told that I can write an appeal letter, stating reasons why I want to go to that school and what my future goals would be. How can I write an appeal letter that is good? Do you think it’s even worth trying to appeal?

It’s definitely possible to change their minds, providing you take the time to write a great appeal letter. Obviously, you’ll want to practice good PUGS. More important, though, don’t focus overly on your high school GPA. Instead, play up the reasons you know you can make a college career work.

Why do you want to go to this particular school? Be real, and let your passion for attending shine through. What do you hope to accomplish? How will you ensure that you don’t just barely pass again? What will you change about your study habits in order to help yourself be successful? The college will want answers to things such as this. It’ll be most focused on how you plan to make this work for you; why should the school take a chance on you?

If the college still doesn’t accept you due to your low GPA, you could always attend a community college for two years. Work hard, study hard, and then reapply to your four-year school of choice. If you do well at that level, your HS GPA won’t really matter anymore.

Good luck!

How Can You Appeal a Denied College Application?