Is Visual Design Important When You Choose a Product?

Patron Liz is curious about visual design. Remember: you can become a Patron and receive priority answers to all of your burning questions!

I just got the newest update to Safari – it’s all rounded edges and clean-looking. How important is visual design when you decide to use software, or when you are buying a product?

This is definitely something that falls under “to each his own.” Some people aren’t very picky about how something looks as long as it works well and does whatever it is they expect from the software or app. For me, personally, I really can’t stand to have to use something that’s just ugly.

When iOS 7 first started floating around in beta version and photos began showing up online, I nearly tossed my cookies. I just… couldn’t make myself want to use it. I love my iPhone. It does what I need it to do exactly how I need it all to be done. But damn if those icons and stuff weren’t flat-out hideous looking! As time went on, I grew used to them. I still am not a huge fan overall, but I live with it. Most of them improved from that beta version to now and what we’re left with grew on me enough that I don’t really even notice them anymore.

I’ve had to use computer software that’s so ugly and poorly-designed that I stopped using it and looked for an alternative.

So yes, when it comes to MY preferences – things have to look as good as they work for the most part. What about all of YOU? Does design/looks matter?