What Is The Easiest Way to Make Money Online?

Maxwell Evans actually asked me:

Basically, I wanna know what the easiest way to make money online is. YouTube isn’t that easy, because you have to have so many subscribers and video views to become a partner.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this question is a joke. No matter how many times I – and many others – try to explain it, people still want to know how to make money quick and easy online. They have this false perception that they can just quit their jobs and work from home in a simple job that requires little effort but pays out a huge amount of cash. Well, here’s the secret answer you’re hoping for:


I could leave it at that, yes. But you know me – I just can’t help myself sometimes. There really is no “simple” way to do this, y’all. You’re going to have to WORK to earn money – just like with any other job or career. So what advice do I have? To make it short and sweet:

Figure out what you love to do and do well. Do your research to find out how you can turn that into something you can do online. Start small and then work your ass off – EVERY DAY – to build yourself, your brand and your community.

That’s “all” there is to it. End of story. Period.

PS – remember: if you’re doing what you love, it’s never “work,” anyways. 🙂