Why Do People Love Minecraft?

TehWinnerCat asked me:

Why are so many people fascinated with Minecraft? Having used computers since the ’80s, I love modern graphic capabilities, so I just don’t get it.

Minecraft is not about graphics processing prowess; it’s about the freedom to construct.

Even I didn’t understand what the whole Minecraft thing was about when I first saw it — if only because I was caught up in the platform of choice (Java, which is disgusting on the desktop).

I got it, but I didn’t get it — because it wasn’t for me.

I don’t feel the need to create virtual spaces. I never got into Second Life, either — and, believe me, SL was less usable than MC. Two different environments, mind you, but equal in their power to unleash creative potential from within.

I’m old school in the sense that I like (and appreciate) playing with physical structures… like LEGO bricks.

And Minecraft, in many ways (not every way), is a virtual version of the plastic LEGO ecosystem.

Why Do People Love Minecraft?