Which Apple AirPort Extreme Do You Use?

rkoolkid287 writes:

Dear Chris,

Are you using the current generation Apple AirPort Extreme, or are you still using the previous generation? I heard some problems happened with the latest one after a firmware update. Thank you for your time!

I’ve been using AirPort Extremes for years now. Before I made the switch a few years back, I was using one Linksys product or another (going back to the very beginnings of Wi-Fi).

When Apple releases a new AirPort Extreme, I usually get it — if only because each generation has steadily improved throughput, signal, and compatibility for me (demonstrably).

If there were any problems with the latest firmware, I’m not sure I’ve run into them (or haven’t experienced anything out of the ordinary enough to research an issue on my end). Did you find something wrong?