Energy Gadget of the Future

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AeroLife™ for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

The future was supposed to bring us instant meals; with the press of a button, we were supposed to have culinary delights spring out of something as small as the average pill in seconds. Instead, we wound up with microwavable meals and a question of whether or not all of that processed foodstuff was good for us (or mostly filler with more preservatives than nutrition). Have we exchanged complexity for simplicity at the cost of something greater?

When I was offered to take a look at the AeroLife system of nutrition delivery, I was intrigued. "Could this be better than our current array of options?" Certainly, it looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. I'm very careful about what I choose to ingest on a daily basis, and have been looking for a better way to lower my caloric intake without eliminating what my body might require to function at peak efficiency.


On a recent (very intensive) engagement on location, we were pushing into the wee hours of the morning. A member of the crew offered one of those quick-boost energy drinks for a shot of something that would more than likely do more harm than good. I've done my best to avoid ingesting any kind of high calorie / high sugar / highly-artificial food or beverage since my mid-20s. I'm wasn't about to buck that habit. 

All I want is to draw in what I need; for AeroLife to work, you need not do much more than that. The system offers instant nutritional delivery without hassle. I don't want to chew a sugary gummy just to get my B vitamins, nor do I care to swallow a pill with food I don't need or try to find a glass of liquid to help wash it down.


Quite honestly, a good dose of B vitamins is all I need for energy; I drink coffee not for the buzz, but for the flavor. However, AeroLife has you covered either way. There are a variety of modules to choose from, each one just as portable as the other. What do you need most at any given moment? Help with energy, sleep, immunity? No problem. Are you traveling, playing sports, or want a quick dose of caffeine without anything else? AeroLife has you covered there, too.

AeroLife Options

It's kinda neat, and you have to try it in a situation that calls for it to really understand why something like AeroLife really works well (and better than the alternatives). I know what it feels like when I take a B vitamin, so I swallowed some of the air-based AeroLife powder before writing this article… and now I'm typing furiously, with words spilling onto the keyboard with nary a pause. It was perfect for work. Last night, I rested well after using AeroLife Sleep – and I can't wait to take this again before a very long, international flight (to rest easier en route and prepare myself for the time zone change). 

So, yeah – context is everything with AeroLife. It's a portable shot of smart nutrition, with the particles scientifically designed to be too big to go into your lungs, and small enough to flow through the air where they land on the tongue and are swallowed. Told you: it's smart. 

Using AeroLife

And you can try it for free if you want to see how it impacts your life. Start your free trial now!

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