Diana Goes to the Dentist

In Pirillo Vlog 428, we get to see Diana lose a part of herself that she swears she won’t miss.

Diana Goes to the DentistWell, parts. Wisdom teeth! Or third molars from the sun, as her dentist sort of said.

I wanted to vlog the whole procedure, but something about policy blah, blah, blah was cited, so I was only able to get a little bit for you.

Diana’s courage is commendable. On the way to the dentist, she said that she was actually looking forward to having her wisdom teeth removed because she would finally be rid of the pain they were causing her, but I postulated that there might be more pain before there would be less.

This was about the point that she regretted letting me come along. 🙁

Have you ever had your wisdom teeth removed? Some people are fortunate enough to be born without them at all. We call these people “mutants.”

Very lucky mutants.