Robots Are Biased

When someone accuses me of being biased, it’s like accusing me of being human and having different experiences, of having different wants, and of having different perspectives.

Going by any of these criteria, doesn’t that mean that we’re all a little biased about the world around us?

Sometimes, my bias matches your bias. That seems to be when everyone’s happy!

Well. Not everyone.

My robot acquaintances all seem to have their own take on the bias issue. Usually, they’ll tell me stuff like “humans are bad at math” and “humans can’t lift cars over their heads” and “humans require too much daily maintenance to be of much use to anybody.”

They’re a real drag during Battlestar Galactica marathons, let me tell you.

This is probably why I only have robot acquaintances and no robot friends. I tend to reply with my own biases, such as “robots are bad at politeness” and “robots can’t enjoy bacon” and “robots take themselves too seriously to be of much use at parties — except for serving cold beverages.”

Robots are biased. Humans are biased. Heck, most animals, vegetables, and mineral makeup probably have their own biases, come to think of it. Does a bear have a bias toward the things it does and doesn’t do in the woods? I have no doubt.