Time Not Important; Only Life Important

If a cop makes an illegal u-turn and I catch him or her in the act, can I make a citizen’s arrest? I wonder if Phoenix Jones has ever had to make that call.

I decided against it, but maybe I’d have taken things to the next level if I had some sort of superhero costume. (Alas, my hoodies seem to align themselves more along the theme of villain: Darth Vader, Boba Fett, et al.)

Anyway, no matter what decisions are made, one must remember: time not important; only life important, right? Is that sentiment in direct opposition to the term YOLO (or whatever the kids are saying this week)?

Then again, if we only have my requested bacon to chow down upon as our Thanksgiving meal, then we may not have much life left in us by the new year. In the words of Homer Simpson’s ill-fated helper monkey: “Pray for Mojo.”