Android is the New Windows

I mean that in the most polite way, too. 🙂

There’s a reason that Android is the most widely used smartphone platform today — just like there’s a reason that Windows is still the most widely used platform on desktop computers today.

You never heard an argument from me; it was inevitable that Android (or another competitor) would overtake iOS with a licensing strategy.

There are certainly more Windows PCs out there, but people haven’t stopped buying Macs — and Apple hasn’t stopped being profitable with them.

iOS devices will continue to be purchased and used by a segment of the market that spends money (a great market to corner for semi-obvious reasons). Even if Apple only continued to produce those iOS devices for its Mac customer base, it’d still remain profitable — though wouldn’t sell as many as it would have without competition.

Just because you sell more doesn’t mean you have the “best” product, either.

To me, the question isn’t “will Apple be destroyed” as much as it is “can Microsoft catch up?”