That’s How We Caterpillar Roll

I truly believe that racism could be abolished and, perhaps, world peace could be established if more people could be convinced to try cuisine that’s unfamiliar to them. From my own culinary experiences, I think there’s good food to be found on every scrap of the big, blue marble we call Earth.

Sure, it’s a generalization (which is the wellspring of the problem in the first place), but our tribal origins seem to have conditioned us to fear the unknown. If we can treat our taste buds to something that doesn’t come from whatever “old country” happened to serve as our individual, genealogical cradles, we might be surprised at the new and wonderful sensations crossing our palates — and wonder how we ever got along without them. The blueprints of my personal, Western European heritage would probably balk at the idea of eating raw fish, but sushi is certainly part of my bloodstream, now. No turning back!

That being said, I still think I’ll steer clear of the parts of the menu that include grubs, arachnids, and insects. The irony is that I love caterpillar rolls. There’s obviously something in the sauce’s spice that masks the taste of baby butterfly, I guess?

That's How We Caterpillar Roll
“Are you sure you’re feeling all right? Maybe you had too much caterpillar in your roll.”