When the Chi Flees, My Game is Lame

You know how sometimes your routine can be thrown off kilter (no, that’s not a reference to Gnomie This Damn Scotsman, I swear!) by one simple variable being added to or detracted from the mix? Today, I had to do TLDR in the home studio all by myself instead of having Diana or my Dad or any other soul around, and it just felt a little off.

So my chi was operating at about half power today when the show began, but the community of Gnomies, LockerGnome readers, and YouTube TLDR viewers helped generate an abundance of positive energy; thanks to these good vibrations in the space-time continuum, I made a full recovery over the course of the broadcast. We discussed life, we discussed death, and we discussed plenty of stuff that happens in between. Here are some of the things on LockerGnome.com and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today. I hope you don’t think my game was lame!

Five Ways to Boost Productivity Using Windows 7

Microsoft has long had a reputation for being the software developer for business applications. In addition to being the dominant operating system for enterprise applications, Windows is also a dominant choice for home business users. This choice doesn’t necessarily require a Professional or Business version of the OS, as many of its productivity-boosting features are available on Home versions, as well. Adonis, a member of the Gnomies community, asked about how the tools made available in Windows 7 can be used in a productive environment. There are plenty of built-in features that Windows 7 brings to the table to help professionals maintain productivity throughout their day from start to finish. Here are five of them.

How to Use Pinterest Without Breaking the Law

Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the most popular social networks. However, this growth comes with growing pains, many of which are big, awkward, and ugly. Users of Pinterest are addicted to the site because of its opportunity for each individual to develop their own niche in the network by creating boards devoted to their own interests and surfacing other pins and boards related to these topics. However, the images and content pinned is not always in line with Pinterest’s Terms of Service (TOS), which most users likely have never read. As a result, users of Pinterest could easily find themselves in the middle of a legal battle after innocently sharing (or pinning) content. We want to make sure you can keep finding and sharing your favorite recipes, outfits, and inspirational quotes, so we’ve put together a small list of ways to keep using Pinterest without breaking the law.

P is for Potential: 10 Possibilities for Windows Phone 7

Many people don’t seriously consider Windows Phone 7 (WP7) when they’re looking into smartphones these days, but that may change this year. Though it’s doubtful WP7 will overtake iOS or Android by the end of 2012, Microsoft’s mobile phone operating system is certain to take a bite out of its competitors’ market share in the upcoming months. Here, we we talk about the top 10 reasons you shouldn’t ignore Windows Phone 7.

How Do You Get Rid of the Babylon Toolbar?

Ever had the misfortune of intrusive extensions (or plugins or addons or whatever you want to call them) not going away even when you delete and reinstall your Web browser? Some of life’s biggest solutions are hiding right under our noses in spite of the frustrations we endure before discovering them. Here’s how to get rid of the Babylon toolbar.

How to Reduce Fan Noise on a Desktop Computer

Does your computer’s fan sound like a B-52 bomber coming in for a landing on stage at a B-52s performance at a chainsaw industry trade show? You don’t have to suffer permanent hearing loss just to keep your computer cool and comfortable! Here are some tips to help you reduce fan noise on a desktop computer.

Cremation: the Creation of the Implant Recycling Industry

Recycling isn’t just for aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles, or old newspapers, anymore. While some might consider it morbid, recycling scrap metal from medical implants after their host has passed away can solve quite a few problems the average person probably hasn’t even considered. Here, we talk about how the funeral and recycling industries are working together to make sure the raw materials that go into medical implants — including precious metals — don’t go to waste.

When the Chi Flees, My Game is Lame

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