Scoldarobics: Finger Wagging Burns Calories (And Makes You Feel Better)

“Monday Monday, so good to me.
Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be…”

And what do we ever hope for from a Monday? Do we attack it with gusto, not willing to give up the spirit of the weekend so easily, or do we hide in the back and hope it doesn’t notice us for fear of unleashing some unlucky negative energy that’s been building up since Friday when we left the workplace?

I shouldn’t even worry about it. For some of you on the other side of the International Date Line, it’s already Tuesday. And you turned out all right, right? It’s always a little comforting knowing that some of you reading this are actually living in the future. Sadly, none of you have ever offered me access to winning lottery numbers so that I can be filthy rich and off to an endless vacation, so you still have to put up with my smiling face every day here at ye olde TLDR.

It’s okay, though. The company of my fellow Gnomies makes it all worthwhile. Want to know what the heck that means? Become a registered Gnomie and find out!

And if you just plain don’t want to, I understand. I’m just going to wag my finger at you in an attempt to induce shame — and also burn calories. I call this new type of workout scoldarobics. It’s perfect for Mondays when you don’t feel like leaving your desk and you’re sufficiently grumpy enough to tell the rest of the Internet off from the comfort of your home office.

Whether you’re living in the world of Monday here with us, or in the world of Tuesday with my future-dwelling, non-lottery-number-sharing friends on the other side of the IDL, here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we talked about today.

How to Save Money on Auto Repair

If you can get by without having to own a car in this day and age, you’re free of a lot of modern causes of stress: soaring insurance premiums, rising gasoline costs, the price of parking, and the money thrown regularly down the drain to just maintain the darned thing. Alas, most of us do have to rely on owning some mode of transportation, so we just kind of have to deal with it. But we don’t have to get ripped off. Here are some tips to help you save money on auto repair.

Five Web Technologies You Should Be Using

There are probably 500 Web technologies we could suggest that you should not be using (cough Flash cough), but let’s try and keep our chins up and be positive. Let’s focus, instead, on five Web technologies that you should be using.

Best Windows Downloads for Any New Computer

Sure, we realize that any list detailing the “best” of anything is sure to spark debate, but we hope this can be civilized and rife with constructive criticism. According to Craighton Miller, here are the best Windows downloads for any new computer. Disagree with any of these or have any in mind that you think should be included? Read the post and leave your commentary (as long as it’s civil and constructive), by gum!

How to Install Windows 8 Developer Preview on a Mac

The Windows 8 Developer Preview is just that: a preview of what the OS is expected to look and feel like once development is complete. While we may be months, or even a year away from seeing the release version of Windows 8, you can take advantage of this program for a quick glimpse of what’s ahead. For users who have switched away (and stayed away) from Windows in favor of OS X, here’s how you can decide if Windows 8 might be worth a switch back.

How to Send a Letter Without Going to the Post Office Using NotesToFriends

If you miss the days of getting (or giving) old-fashioned letters via the snail-mail postal service, you might find NotesToFriends worth a look. It’s a service that, for a pretty minimal price, can be used with the same convenience as email from the sender’s point of view, but it delivers physical, printed letters to people by way of an actual mail-carrying human being — just like olden times!

Cellphone Deal That Won’t Break the Bank

If you’ve been considering the option of trying a pre-paid smartphone plan, here’s one Gnomie’s experience with one currently available through Walmart and T-Mobile (pros and cons included).

Scoldarobics: Finger Wagging Burns Calories (And Makes You Feel Better)

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