LEGO Community Minifig Set: It Figures for Education

“Who are the people in your neighborhood?” Assuming you leave the house every so often, you’ve likely seen other human beings in public. Have you ever thought about collecting them in a non-creepy way? LEGO is giving you that chance with the LEGO Community Minifig set.

Construction worker? You can put him in your pocket or pretend to be pounding the pavement with your little LEGO jackhammer. Ambulance drivers? They’ll carry just about any injured brick for you on their stretcher. The consummate sportswoman? She’ll wow you with her gigantic trophy (which stands just about as tall as she does).

This is a little LEGO community that was created for the LEGO community (it’s very meta). To be specific, it was really produced for the educational market – in case your child wanted to play make believe without relying too heavily on his or her imagination. LEGO can help bridge that gap with this series of minifigs.

With this set, you’ll also get a mini LEGO fire brigade, grocery shopper, baker and his customer (with pizza and popsicle pieces), farmers, and a few others – including a self-employed businesswoman who has her own LEGO-branded laptop – which happens to be my favorite part of this collection.

Here’s a more complete tour:

Granted, you might find the bundle a bit on the expensive side for 256 pieces – but how much is an education worth? Would you rather have a young mind learn about careers in a book (?!) or have them develop their own mini-town with bricks? I’ve yet to hear of a LEGO-induced paper cut (and I’m not counting an instruction page mis-flip).

If I was disappointed, it was likely with the snowmen – which were given skeleton heads. It’s not like LEGO doesn’t have the ability to create a more snowman-like face… they just didn’t. If you like spooky snowmen, then I guess you’ll be happy with their decision.

If you have your own brick-related video, you can add it to our BrickTrix channel on YouTube. Let’s make our own (new) LEGO community?