Clone Trooper LEGO Minifigs: an Army of Awesome

I am definitely not a fan of the prequels (or just about anything that’s come with them). Call me a purist, but I find my Star Wars sensibilities consistently gravitating around the characters and ethos of the original trilogy. Perhaps my perspective would be skewed the other way if I were only a couple of decades younger?

I’ve tried getting into the Clone Wars cartoons, but found myself feeling like I was a bit lost. Despite being a HUGE fan of the Force, I’m simply not the prime demographic for a comical Star Wars series. Give me something a bit more serious any day (with fantastic story, characters, and dialogue).

LEGO to the rescue! Yeah, I don’t have much of a bias when it comes to bricks – though that wasn’t always the case. I had walked past this particular minifig pack a number of times in the store. But when I saw it go on sale for around the $10 mark, I decided to pounce on it.

Let’s just see what we have in the LEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper Battle Pack (7913), shall we?

There’s 1 clone commander, 2 new bomb squad troopers, and 1 new ARF trooper minifigure (the last of which happens to be my favorite of the bunch). You can assemble your own BARC speeder if you choose to follow the directions – but where’s the fun in that?

If you’re up to assembling your own clone army, this will certainly help. Line ’em up by the dozens, hundreds, thousands, or millions! I’d be shocked if you made it over 100 LEGO clone trooper minifigs, but who am I to question your dedication to the Empire? Or, wait… were these clone troopers a part of the Old Republic before Palpatine turned pruny?

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