LEGO Ninjago – a Go or No?

I believe we’ve all experienced the pain of “LEGO foot” – not realizing there’s a rogue brick on the ground before our socked or bare feet can discover it. You know who put it there? No, not your kids – and not any self-respecting Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL).

The ninja.

To combat this daily threat under which we all live, LEGO has seen fit to unleash Ninjago. While they claim it’s for nothing but battle fun, I believe the Ninjago characters are here to protect us from the truly evil forces of random floor pieces.

Each Ninjago minifig runs around $10. I picked up my first set a few months back, but didn’t bother to blog or do a video on the collection. Each one comes with a spinner base, set of weapons, cards for additional play, and the minifig with accessories (itself).

I’ve never been a CCG player (not even when they were all the rage). LEGO seems to be a few years late onto the scene, but that didn’t stop them from crafting a complete experience around this part of the LEGO universe. Me? I’m not so interested in the Ninjago collectable cards – or the sets, really.

In recording this video and looking at the corresponding cards for each Ninjago LEGO character, I quickly came to realize that I think my skeleton Ninjago minfigures didn’t come with the corresponding head gear (as seen on their card). Maybe this was a fluke? Intentional? I’m certain I wouldn’t have chucked the LEGO accessories – and certainly not three times over, with each of missing pieces belonging to the three skeletons in the original series release. I believe this was an oversight – likely a discrepancy in whoever was tasked in creating the (admittedly-wonderful) card art.

I’m likely to continue collecting the Ninjago minifig sets, although I’m not inclined on buying similar-looking minifigs at the $10 price tag. As noted in the video, there are some “DX” Ninjago LEGO characters which appear to be nothing more than alternative versions (much like the skeletons). There are some variations, but not enough for me to think I’ll ever own all of ’em.