LEGO Lubbers, Ahoy – Pirates of the Caribbean Booty!

Arrrrrrrrrrrrr you a pirate?

I’ve been a fan of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie series since the first flick was released a few years back. That said, I’ve never really considered myself a pirate kind of guy (even on “Talk Like a Pirate Day”). That’s not to say I’m more of a ninja, either. You can like both equally inside the LEGO universe.

I caught the Captain’s Cabin (4191) at an affordable $12, figuring it would take about 15 minutes to build. While I do have a bigger Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO build coming down the pike, there’s nothing wrong with having a few more pirate pieces in my metaphorical playpen. I suppose my primary purchase reason was price – I mini-figured I couldn’t miss.

My biggest fear in getting more Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO sets is that I’ll be overrun by Captain Jack Sparrow clones (which would certainly allow me to better re-enact the scene from “At World’s End” right before he was rescued from Davy Jones’ Locker). Still, that’s a good fear to have – and there’s always room for more pirates on my minifig shelves.

I think I most appreciated the ‘ship in a bottle’ pieces, coupled with the longer bone fragments and circular map – though I’m not sure where else I might care to use them after the set is dismantled. The spinning globe certainly brings a sophisticated air to my collection.

What more can be said? Well, perhaps you’ll just have to watch the video and tell me what you think.