LEGO Education Minifigs – Fairytale and Historic Minifig Set 9349-1

When I first discovered LEGO, there was no such thing as a minifig. We had to create our own “people” and “monsters” based on the bricks at our disposal. If memory serves, every one of my imaginary characters were red, blue, and yellow – to have black or white bricks was merely a dream for my playroom.

Then, LEGO made things interesting by starting to release minifigs – and I loved ’em from the word Go. Actually, from the word LEGO (to be precise).

I never would have imagined growing up and still appreciating the brick, but I sit before you today with quite a collection of minifigs at my fingertips. It’s not that I don’t appreciate every brick that can be clicked, but I’ve always been enthralled with miniature figurines from various playsets (LEGO or otherwise).

I tripped into the local LEGO store a few months back and saw the “LEGO Education Minifigs – Fairy Tale and Historic Minifigure Set 9349-1” and balked at the rather lofty $49 price tag. It wouldn’t be until my birthday when I would allow myself to spend that much money on a rather interesting (but not really all-that-unique) set.

I’ve seen witches, knights, and pirates before – and while I didn’t previously have a mermaid / merman set, I still wonder what possessed me to pick it up. Maybe it’s that I’m starting to fill out a new shelf of minifigs and I’m anxious to reach capacity? Who knows…

But, as always, these LEGO minifigs were fun to assemble. Not terribly educational, but… I wonder who would buy minifigs for education, anyway?