The Future of Real-Time Communications

Recently, I shared a Google+ Hangout with Jeff Pulver and Jonathan Taylor to discuss the state of the real-time communications industry. During the conversation, we discuss a wide range of topics including the history of communications technology and the latest innovations. We also touch on bandwidth caps and how single individuals can inspire change in the industry.

Jeff Pulver has an extensive background in the VoIP industry and has been a founding member of several major products including Vontage and the 140 Characters Conference.

Jonathan Taylor, the current chairman and CEO of Voxeo, has an equally impressive background in telephony and continues to work towards a goal of making it easier for developers to create telephony applications. Voxeo as a platform currently has around 220,000 registered developers with a specific focus on communications.

With the advent and extreme growth of social media, the way people communicate is changing and cloud-based communication systems are becoming more and more prevalent as older platforms are required to adapt to survive.

Thanks to platforms like the one Voxeo makes available to their developers, the creation of software allowing real-time communication between users is becoming easier and more prevalent. Just today (July 22) Voxeo has launched its new Phono Mobile project and made it immediately available to developers. The Phono Mobile toolkit leverages Javascript and HTML5 to enable high-quality voice and instant messaging features on mobile devices including those running on iOS and Android. One potential use of this toolkit can be in allowing gamers to use voice chat while enjoying multiplayer games on their mobile devices.

Moving forward, real-time communication is greatly dependent on the availability of supporting bandwidth consumers can use to take advantage of these services, and a continued lack of tight regulatory practices as the relatively new platform takes shape. Most importantly, it depends on the determination and innovation provided by an active development community.