iPad Arcade Cabinet

Are you a classic gamer? Do you own an iPad? You might be surprised how easy it is to build an arcade cabinet for you iPad so you can play your favorite classic arcade games in their original and intended form.

The iCADE started as an April Fool’s joke by ThinkGeek that caught on. The demand for this product was overwhelming, so they partnered with ION to make it come to life. Now available for $99 on ThinkGeek, the iCADE makes it possible for you to play classic games on your iPad as they were originally played at an arcade.

The cabinet itself takes very little time to assemble. It takes about 15-20 minutes and once you’re finished you have a very handsome table-top arcade cabinet. The first and second generation iPads are both supported, and any future version of the iPad should work as well so long as the form factor doesn’t change dramatically.

The one downside to the iCADE is the relatively small number of games that current support it. Thought you have 100 titles through the Atari’s Greatest Hits app, more game developers should jump on board and create apps that allow this kind of bluetooth control. In order for the iCADE to be anything more than a decorative iPad stand, you need to purchase Atari’s Greatest Hits for the iOS and install it on your iPad.

The cabinet itself looks great, and would no-doubt add a touch of nostalgia to any room where it resides. The joystick and buttons have the same classic look and feel you would find in any larger cabinet and they really work. A lit coin slot is a nice touch that lets you know the iPad is bluetooth connected and ready to go.

Overall, the iCADE is a fun accessory if you’re serious about classic gaming. You are required to purchase Atari’s Greatest Hits through the iTunes App Store for your iPad, which adds roughly $15 to the $99 cost if you decide to grab all 100 games.