Reduce Your Power Bill with Wind Energy

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Summer in Seattle is typically the cheapest time of year, at least when it comes to my electric bill. For most of the U.S., summer comes high electric bills that can strain your budget to its limits. With electricity rates on the rise, the search for affordable alternative energy is even more important. What does this mean for the average homeowner?

Higher energy prices can destroy your budget. During a summer heat wave, electricity bills quickly increase to two or even three times where they sit during moderate months. If you think about it, every degree your air conditioner decreases the temperature in your home increases the amount of electricity you use significantly. Add in the costs associated with various computers, televisions, and other electronics and you have a hefty bill coming your way.

This is also a problem for business owners. Every dollar spent on energy is one less dollar available for staffing, research, and other developmental purposes.

What’s the solution to high energy bills? Currently, wind power is the fastest growing source of alternative energy in the world. This is due, in part, to recent advances in the science behind wind energy.

Unlike solar power, wind power can be generated anytime day or night. A vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT), like the ones made by Sauer Energy can generate electricity with as little as 5mph of wind. Whether it’s a cloudy night in winter, or a sunny day in spring, wind power can help offset the difference in energy costs the rising prices of traditional generation poses.

One big advantage of taking energy production into your own hands actually comes from the electric company itself. Not only can the electricity you generate give you power, but any excess can be sold back to the utility company. Yes, you read that right. Electric utilities resell alternative energy at a premium to their customers through “green” initiatives that promote the use of alternative energy over fossil fuels. In return for the electricity you put back in to the grid, the electric company will actually pay you, or at the very least reduce your bill. During moderate months when you use less energy, it’s not unheard of that you could receive a check rather than a bill.

In the past, wind turbines had to be set horizontally which resulted in a design that makes them resemble gigantic electric fans. This design has numerous downsides, including a slowing effect on the air, requiring wind turbines to be spaced apart by a factor of ten times their width. Horizontal turbines also require a lot of wind to operate, which means they have to be positioned significantly high off the ground which can pose a both a problem with maintenance and a risk to birds flying by

Sauer Energy vertical-axis wind turbines address common problems with traditional wind turbine design. By changing the axis from horizontal to vertical, the blades are able to rotate around the turbine rather than in a perpendicular manor. This also allows them to catch wind from any angle without having to change blade orientation. Noise pollution, a common problem associated with horizontal-axis wind turbines (HAWTs), is solved with the change in design as well. The vertical axis also addresses the problem of bird entanglement, one of the most discussed downsides of traditional horizontal-axis turbines.

The lower wind speed requirement of vertical-axis wind turbines allows them to be positioned closer to the ground, making them easier to maintain. This smaller footprint is also more suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

The future of energy production is undoubtedly in renewable resources rather than traditional fossil fuels like coal and nuclear power. The idea of having your own personal power plant in your back yard, or on your roof, can be fun to think about. Thanks to a few key advances in technology, we can do that now.

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