Is Your Blog Human Enough?

You already know that content is king. The topics you write about – and the way you pen the articles – will make or break you. There are thousands of excellent writers out there. Hundreds of people likely create the exact same type of content that you do each day. How the heck are you supposed to stand out when there is just so much already out there? I think that one thing you should look at first is humanizing your blog.

You need to put you into your blog, no matter what your subject is. Allowing your readers to get to know you through your words will create much stronger connections. Adding pieces of your personality and life to each piece can cause others to truly relate to what you’re saying. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about technology. Why do you have to be dry and boring, only “reporting” a bunch of facts? Who is going to want to read that drudgery?

How are you going to accomplish this humanization? It’s a lot easier to do than you might think. When you start typing something out which discusses the latest tech news, throw in your opinion. You don’t have to be an expert about that particular product or service to have an idea of whether or not you’ll benefit from it. Ask questions… ANY questions. Your readers will jump to answer them, trust me. You should also try to give your answer to said question within your blog post. These inquiries open up dialogue which also ends up making you seem more of a real person to the community.

Figure out your tone of voice and use it at all times. Each and every one of us has our own tone and style. Trying to write in a different way WILL come off as forced when the words are on the page, just like it is when we are speaking out loud. Your words and thoughts need to flow freely. Readers will pick up on that instantly, and your pages will feel like “home” to them.

Above all, be unique. The easiest way to do that is to just be YOU. There is no one else on this planet just like you. Therefore, you are unique. Let your personality shine through, even if you’re discussing a boring or dry subject. Inject your sense of humor or style into the article, and you’ll find that a whole mess of new people will automagically start showing up on your site.