Will Microsoft Ruin Skype?

Good grief, people! The news officially broke less than ten minutes ago, and already the naysayers are screaming all over my Twitter stream. I counted at least fifteen “omg Microsoft will ruin it!” messages in under two minutes. I think that just may be a record. The speed with which y’all are dismissing the potential alarms me, to be honest. What happened to giving something a chance before proclaiming its imminent demise?

Over on TechCrunch, Robin Wauters reminded us that “the many tech industry pundits and analysts will look at this deal from all possible angles and then some, and still only a handful will end up being somewhat accurate when we look back in a couple of years.” In this case, “many” refers to about a kabillion people. A “handful” points to about three persons who might – sort of – get it right.

We can theorize until our fingers turn blue. We can tear this deal apart from the inside out, analyzing every possible angle. At the end of the day, we will likely all be dead wrong with our findings. We cannot predict the future any more than we can vacation on Mars. The cool thing, though, is that this deal has the potential to be pretty damned awesome. Why aren’t more of you opening your minds to that possibility? What good does focusing on the negatives do anyone?

Are you being sheep? Is your fanboy side coming out? Seriously, y’all – think for just a moment about what this could mean. Imagine a world where you can integrate Skype with your Kinect system. Take a few moments to ponder what businesses will be able to do when using Skype inside of their currently installed Windows applications. Allow your brain to realize what CAN come out of this deal instead of spreading doom and gloom from the get-go.

Skype’s current user base is six million or so registered users – which is nothing to sneeze at. The service connects people in every corner of the world every moment of every day. The growth potential is astronomical if done correctly. Can Microsoft pull it off? Only time will tell, I suppose. I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt because I can see the possibilities.

I think this deal makes sense. I predict that Microsoft may just surprise you with this one. Then again, I could be one of the masses who were proven to be wrong at some point in the future.