What Are You Getting out of Social Media?

There are about ten million blog posts that discuss how you are supposed to “do” social media. You’ll find perhaps two million people who label themselves as experts, gurus, and rock stars. These individuals will tell you the right way to use Twitter or Facebook. They’ll help you learn the ropes in order to grow your business. Everything you read is about what you can do for social media. Have you ever wondered, though, what social media is doing for you?

You know that tapping into the power of a social network can help you reach a larger number of people. You’ve realized that your business simply cannot survive without being seen on the various platforms and services. Heck, you even understand that you will eventually gain a lot of “clout” simply by being a good little social media student. Is that seriously all that’s in it for you?

Embracing social networks can help you grow as a person. Meeting people from all over the world will expand your mind. You’ll be able to make connections that you otherwise never would have, which can help you to become a better you. If you aren’t using your Twitter stream and Facebook Wall to learn from others, you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity, my friends.

I’m not going to bother trying to list the things you can gain through these channels. The possibilities are endless, to be honest. I’m not talking about trying to figure out how to speak Chinese through a few tweets. I’m telling you that you can literally change your life by opening yourself up and allowing the world into your mind.

I’ve read tales of people who have had their confidence boosted after becoming active within social networks. We’ve all heard stories of those who were inspired in some way and went out to do amazing things. Every day there are new tidbits floating around the Web that talk about all of you out there who are changing the world. We can each leave our mark for future generations to look back upon. Why can’t we get a jump start through the various social channels that we have available?

Reach out to people who you feel are the movers and shakers in whatever avenue you wish to pursue. Listen more than you talk. Take action when it is necessary, and tell others about it. Participate in conversations. Learn how to be smarter, stronger, and more well-rounded. Let your community help you to become a better you.