How to Guard Against Garden Jawa Theft

Jawas, the scavengers of Tatooine, are known best for their practice of seeking out technology to sell or trade from their huge sandcrawler transports. These creatures have an affinity for technology, and have earned a place in the hearts of geeks from all walks of life. While they may occasionally snag a droid or two that may still belong to someone, it would be impolite to call them thieves. In modern times, Jawas have taken to seeking new homes in systems far far away. This brought them to our planet, where they eagerly fulfill the duties of keeping droids, and other technology, from straying too far away from a geek’s home. Their payment consists mostly of used cell phones and other obsolete gadgetry. While they’re keeping tabs on your tech, who’s watching out to make sure they’re safe and sound? Here are a few tips that can help you guard against Garden Jawa theft.

GPS Tracking Device
Jawas usually put tracking devices on their merchandise in order to make sure they don’t just up and walk away. These tracking devices can be small, but effective. You can return the favor by giving your Garden Jawa a tracking device of its own. There are some remarkably portable and low-cost GPS units that will allow you to locate your runaway/stolen Jawa within a 10-foot radius. If someone has nabbed your faithful Jawa, you should be able to locate them promptly and rescue them from the thieving Sith Lord’s lair. Companies such as Garmin and Zoombak make these small and useful gadgets.

Give Them a Cactus or Nettle Plant to Hide Behind
Some would-be thieves will quickly think twice if their prize is nestled next to an intimidating cactus or nettle plant. The sharp thorns that adorn these plants can give their would-be kidnapper a nasty sting they won’t soon forget. This isn’t such a good idea if you plan on keeping your Jawas around a particularly curious canine.

Assign Them a Guard Dog
A noisy dog with the freedom to join the Garden Jawa in the yard at a moment’s notice (dog door) will create a protective environment that allows your Jawas to carry on with their work in safety. This doesn’t mean the dog has to be on duty at all times. A dog dish in the yard within reach of the Jawa will help get the point across and prevent attempts as well.

Deflector Shields
While our current technology doesn’t exactly allow us to set up deflector shields around the Garden Jawa, we are able to set up low-voltage electric fencing around it to keep it safe. This will deliver a nasty shock to the would-be Jawanapper and likely scare them off. You may have to explain the fence to the Jawa prior to installation to prevent it from accidentally leaning against it.

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