Top 5 Ways to Increase Share Price in Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue is one of the most addicting sites I’ve discovered recently. The concept of buying and selling shares in private and public social media portfolios in a virtual stock exchange may change the way you see your social networking activity. Here are five ways you can increase your share price in Empire Avenue:

Complete Your Profile
When you first join Empire Avenue, before you do anything else, fill out your profile including all of your blogs and social network accounts. This will increase your worth almost immediately and earn you virtual currency bonuses that can be used to make your initial investments. The more potential investors see, the more likely they are to invest.

Join Communities
There are many communities withing Empire Avenue and each one you join has the potential of bringing your profile in front of new people. In any business or investment scenario, the more eyes there are on something of value, the more likely it will see bids. Being involved in the community will show people that you aren’t going away, and your profile will be less likely to decline in value.

Invest in New Accounts
Everyone, no matter how known or unknown, starts Empire Avenue with the same value. It isn’t until people start investing, or the profile has time to grow, that someone’s share price increases or decreases considerably. Because of this, keeping an eye peeled for well positioned investments can be a real advantage to you. On a similar note, be weary of profiles that have nothing on them. They may belong to someone that was just checking the service out and has no intention of building their portfolio.

Promote Your Account
Empire Avenue gives you the ability to send an affiliate link out to your social media profiles. This affiliate link gives you an extra bonus every time someone signs up through your recommendation. This can improve your overall net worth which has an impact on your share price, overall. This also gives you access to loyal investors that are more inclined to keep buying in to your profile as time goes on. Be sure to repay the favor, as that will keep them coming back as they see their own profiles becoming higher valued.

Dump Bad Investments
You may have bought stock in a profile that has been abandoned or otherwise poorly maintained. The ticker will let you know how someone’s share price has changed over the last day. If someone is doing particularly bad, it is a good idea to check their chart and find out how they’re trending. A consistent downward trend may be an indication that this investment might not be going anywhere. Check their social network profiles. Have they tweeted in a while? Do they interact with anyone? If not, then it may be time to cash that stock out for a better investment.

You can find my portfolio on Empire Avenue by searching for PIRILLO.