How to Make a Web Comic

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been uploading comic panes and sending them out to my Twitter and Facebook pages. People have asked me exactly how I make these, and so I thought I’d make this video to explain exactly how to make a comic.

These comic panes have been generated using both ToonPAINT for iOS and Comic Life 2 on Mac OS X. These applications, when combined, help me to create something in an easy and simple way that no other single program I’ve seen yet has.

First, you’re going to want to take a good shot of yourself using ToonPAINT doing something worthy of a humorous caption. Perhaps there’s a situation or idea you’ve always thought was funny, but haven’t quite had the ability to express it. You could even just take a snapshot of yourself making a goofy face.

Once the picture is taken, ToonPAINT will give you the option to tweak the look of the resulting image. You may decide to use a black and white cartoon or go with something more colorful. When you are satisfied with your art, simply email it to yourself (full size).

At this point you can transfer the file over to an application for Mac OS X called Comic Life 2. You can use the original Comic Life, which is available on both OS X and Windows, but the caption text just seems to look better in Comic Life 2.

Here you can add a caption bubble of your choosing, position it how and where you want it to go, and type away. Once you’re done here you can export your final cartoon and share it with the world.

The only downside to this process is that you have to use two different devices. An all-in-one solution would be worthwhile, especially if it can be contained in a single iOS app versus having to go to a desktop or notebook computer to complete the process every time.