Super Mario Proposal

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RW’s girlfriend, April, is a massive Mario fan. When he was ready to pop the question, he knew just what to do. RW turned his entire living room into a replication of Super Mario World and invited April over. He got down on one knee (after making sure it wasn’t supposed to be two of them!) and told his lady love that she needed to jump and bop the box with her head, much like Mario did during the game. As she did, a ring box fell from above and into our hero’s hands.

With the game theme playing in the background, he asked her to marry him. April was overwhelmed, especially when she found her family and friends hanging out on the other side of the room. She couldn’t believe that he went to so much trouble just to propose to her. April shouldn’t have been so shocked, though… men have been trying to outdo each other in the proposal department for years!

Guys have been known to propose in very public locations. The funny thing is, I’m starting to understand that many women would actually prefer we guys not do this. As I did some research for this article, I came across several stories of women who wish that their betrothed had kept things more simple and private.

Apparently, women want this experience to be quiet and understated… it’s about the emotions behind the question, guys. They don’t want – or need – something outlandish or flashy in order to agree to be your wife. Go figure, eh? We spend all this time, money and energy trying to come up with what we feel will be the best proposal ever! only to learn later that she wishes we’d have asked her over a quiet dinner at home.

Recently, there was a show on television starring Howie Mandel. The “plot” centered around a proposal in New York City and involved a mob of strangers to help – over a thousand of them. While it was a spectacle – and kind of cool to watch come together – it was just entirely too much.

So how do we strike the perfect balance? I think that it honestly depends on your woman. If she’s the flashy public-spectacle kind of gal, then by all means – try to find something original and amazing to do. But if she’s more into the actual relationship and the feelings you share, I’m pretty sure she’d rather have something much more intimate. Know your lady and what it is she wants, likes and prefers.

At the end of the day, proposals such as the Super Mario one are cool. What’s important, though, is knowing that you are going to spend the rest of your life with the most amazing woman in the world.