iPad 2 Unboxing and Thoughts

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Yes, the top of my head was cut off in this video. That was intentional, since it’s not important what was going on in my head at the time of the recording. All that mattered was what was sitting in that nice little box – the iPad 2. I bought my 64GB black WiFi + 3G model on launch day because I can do pretty much everything with my iPad – and I DO. I can do more with this thin and light little device than I could on my desktop machines several years ago. That’s how powerful and portable this gorgeous device is.

Before you attempt to record or watch an unboxing, make sure that you sip some of your Unboxing Juice. I don’t even understand why people even do these things. It’s a box. You open the box. You take something out of the box. Most of them are actually pointless and dumb. I generally don’t have very high opinions of them myself. However, I know that many of you out there wanted to see this particular unboxing, so I gathered my courage and hit the record button.

As I mentioned, this is the big boy in the line of iPad 2 offerings. I nearly didn’t get it and wouldn’t have if it weren’t for our friend Reza. He saved the day! I wanted the 3G option in case I happen to be in a place where there is no WiFi and for the nice little GPS functionality.

As usual, Apple’s boxes are very minimal. The picture on the front of the box is done at an angle, likely to show you how slim the device really is. You won’t find a ton of packaging inside, nor anything unnecessary. Sadly, you don’t even get box farts with the Apple products! What’s up with that? Geez.

The first thing that I noticed after taking the device out of the box is that you cannot tell the difference in the weight. I know it supposedly weighs a smidge less than the first iteration, but you can’t tell simply by holding it. Heck, I’ll admit it: you can’t tell any difference in thickness, either. If you can, perhaps you should climb on top of several mattresses with a pea underneath them. That’s all I’m saying.

You want to be wowed by a product, not freaked out by the packaging. This is definitely the case with every Apple product I have every bought: they all have that WOW factor without having to climb through hoops to get to it.

I will be uploading some additional iPad 2 videos this week, including ones which show off the camera, a comparison between the two versions and likely my initial impressions. What are your thoughts on the iPad 2 if you have one?