Rare 1978 Star Wars Blue Snaggletooth

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If you were to ask me what my very favorite possession is, you may be shocked to discover that it’s not my iPhone or one of my computers. Instead, it would be something that I’ve only had for a few days now – a very rare Star Wars figurine in near-perfect condition. More specifically, this would be an early rendition of the Snaggletooth character which wasn’t quite “correct.”

If you recall, Snaggletooth was one of the bounty hunters affiliated with Jabba the Hutt in the cantina, back in the days of Moss Eisley from A New Hope. He was a weasley looking dude and was much shorter than the humans in the story. Snag was dressed in a red uniform and wore nothing on his feet.

When the very first round of Star Wars action figures came out in stores, the toy designers messed old Snaggletooth up a bit. He was as tall as the other characters, sported a blue outfit and had shiny silver boots on his feet. George Lucas wasn’t very happy with the outcome, and had the “Blue Snaggletooth” pulled from the line. The poor little guy was ripped from the shelves and replaced with a more “correct” depiction.

Due to this snafu, the 1978-made Blue Snaggletooth Star Wars action figure is one of the rarest toys found within the entire Star Wars universe. Yes, you probably think I’m crazy for spending as much as I did on this. However, I’ve only ever seen one other of these little things. I swore to myself as a kid that I would own one someday.

When I happened upon this little gem in a comic store in Seattle, I couldn’t resist. It was Fate – he was staring at me. Only a few people within my Twitter stream knew what I was talking about. Those who did freaked out because you just cannot find these. I’m happier than I can explain to have this in my possession.

What is your favorite thing, and why is it special to you?