Create Your Own QR Codes

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QR Codes are showing up everywhere from posters, to shop windows, to the backs of business cards. How do you create a QR Code? Lockergnome guest screencaster Matthew Sabia shows you how to create and use a QR code in this screencast.

Matt came up with the idea for this video after seeing a question Justin posed on Lockergnome, asking if we agree with a particular statement. Instead of having any text, the message simply showed a huge QR code, which many people have no clue how to read.

QR codes have many uses. For instance, you can create a QR code on your desktop with information inside of it that you may need on your phone. Take a snapshot of that code with your mobile device using an app created for this purpose and the information is automatically transferred.

If you head over to miniQR, you can quickly create a QR code of your very own! Enter the information you wish to code into the little bar at the top, and click the “submit” button. Voila! You will then be able to save your QR code as a PDF or DOC file, or copy the direct link to Twitter, Facebook and more.

Thanks, Matt, for another excellent screencast.