How to Keep Printer Ink Fresh

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Someone asked recently if it’s possible for the ink in their printer to harden. I don’t know for sure about getting “hard,” but the moisture inside of your inkjet cartridges are full of moisture. That liquid can evaporate, leaving you with something that is not usable. You have to exercise your printer so that doesn’t happen!

When I say exercise, I mean USE the thing, of course. Print out something small at least once a week – enough for the ink to actually be used. Wouldn’t it be great if we could automate that somehow? Let’s say there was a browser extension or desktop application that we could schedule… our printer would then automagically print something out like once a week to keep itself nice and fresh.

You may think it’s a “waste” of ink to print something if you don’t really need it. You’re wasting far more, though, if you let it sit and your ink goes to waste. Think of things in the long run, not just the here and now.