Explore Prehistoric You With MEanderthal

We’ve all wondered at times where our charming good looks came from. Sure, you may resemble mom or dad. But we all have quirks that no one can quite figure out, right? Did that slight upturn of your nose get handed down through the generations? How the heck far back do you need to search, though? Why not take yourself all the way back to prehistoric times with the MEanderthal app.

Much like early humanity, the app is simplistic. It will morph your face into one of an early human. There are four choices: two male and two female. You can either take a new photo or use an existing one. Once the image is selected, you can scale it to best fit within the morphing program. Choose your species, and watch yourself regress!

Much like the apps which can make you bald or add a hundred pounds to your frame, this one is just for fun. It’s actually kind of cool to see what you would have looked like back in the caveman era. Try it out and link us to your photo in the comments.