Online Dating Tips

A geek in our community asked this question: When is a Good Time to Start Dating? While I don’t know if there’s ever a “right” or “wrong” time, I thought I’d at least share a few random tips related to online dating that I had once shared with a private Facebook group:

Online Dating Profile Tips

  • Are you dating to find a mate or a casual fling? Be clear in communicating your intentions up front (especially in profiles). And, in some cases, you could be broadcasting the wrong message inadvertently! Know why you’re choosing to find a date. I must thank the genius of Alison Armstrong for this nugget.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell the world what you know you cannot handle. Trust me, you’d only be turning off people you wouldn’t want to be with in the first place. This is what is so entirely counter-intiutive about dating – you put your best foot forward instead of your real foot. Don’t cause someone to fall in love with an illusion of you only to be… disillusioned, inevitably.
  • Even though it’s the truth, I’d recommend against sharing your income level in any capacity. Throwing numbers out there could only serve to attract someone who… is looking for your financial security. That would be an automatic #FAIL on most counts.
  • Be wary of “beautiful people” who aren’t terribly selective in who they’re seeking. Either it’s spam or it’s someone who has never bothered to think about what they want. If someone doesn’t know what makes them happy, they’ll fail in every single relationship (or have a rocky go of it, at least).
  • If you’re struggling with writing some kind of profile for an online dating site, think of your own top 10 quirks. For example, I might say: “When I was a kid, I couldn’t eat my bag of MnMs before they were first separated into color piles.” Yes, it’s true for me – but that also provides a potential date a starting point for a conversation / email. Posting trite sentiments like “I’m looking for an honest guy with a good sense of humor” is impossible to address.

Online Dating Photo Tips

  • When we see you’re holding the camera high above your head and/or stretching your neck out, it’s usually obvious you’re trying to obscure what you perceive to be a weight issue for yourself.
  • When we see you’re half-naked, you’re likely either vain or image-conscious. If you’re near a body of water, it’s passable – but also stands to be a potential turn-off to someone who would like to know you for your mind (with your body in tow). Again, if you’re looking for a hook-up, this would be a prime indicator that you’re down for play.
  • When we see you sipping a glass of wine, you appear sophisticated. When you’re chugging a can o’ beer, you just look like the town drunk. Which image of yourself would you rather portray?
  • When we see you in nothing but group shots, we see that it’s impossible for you to be alone. Or, that we have to pass a series of “friend tests” to get closer to you. Moreover, you also run the risk of us perusing your friends’ faces and wondering if they’re single, too. Just sayin’.
  • When we see nothing but distant, darker photos, we get the feeling that you’re hiding something. Don’t. You wouldn’t want to meet someone in person from 50 feet away, would you?
  • When we see you’ve taken a photo of yourself in the bathroom mirror, we think… ewwwwww! Assumedly, next time, you can get a friend to take your picture for you.
  • When we see photos in your profile that illustrate scenery or landmarks, we wonder why you’re not sanding in them? They may have been places you’ve visited, places you’d like to visit, or… who knows.
  • When we see you flashing the same facial expresion in each image you’ve uploaded, we wonder if you’re real. Do you always smile like that? Are you always so serious?

Do you have any online dating tips to share with the community? Jump right in!