Change the Way You Tweet With TweetDeck’s New

TweetDeck wants to change the way you Tweet by offering you the capability of using more than 140 characters. Their new project – – helps to ease the software’s dependence on Twitter and become a greater platform in itself. At its basic level, the new service will allow you to post updates that are as long as you wish them to be. If you are using TweetDeck on the desktop, iPhone or within Google Chrome (via the Extension), you will be able to read the full (long) Tweets right within your stream. If you’re using the Twitter website – or another client – you’ll have to click through to the new website in order to read the full posting.

Iain Dodsworth, founder and chief executive of TweetDeck, says users have been “very vocal” in demanding this heretical feature. “From day one [of Tweetdeck], it was one of the things almost everyone was screaming about,” says Mr Dodsworth. “I’ve been very protective of the fact that [140 characters] is a platform limitation of the services we sit on top of and we have to have an element of respect for that. Going around that core tenet of Twitter could be a sensitive move. We don’t know how they feel about it. But we are tailoring to an audience that wants functionality the general user of Twitter doesn’t care about.”

Mr. Dodsworth states himself that they are going against what it is that Twitter is all about. What’s the point of this? If someone needs to post something that lengthy, shouldn’t they be doing so on Facebook or their blog? Twitter is meant for short and simple updates… not for lengthy rhetoric which belongs elsewhere on the web.

Perhaps I’m being a stick in the mud. I just don’t see this as being a good idea. I know several people who use TweetDeck as of this moment, and all of whom are considering moving to a different platform when this rolls out on Monday.

What are your thoughts? Should services such as TweetDeck make it easy for people to post entire blog posts right on Twitter? Shouldn’t we be keeping within that magic 140-character limit?