Has Facebook Topped Google?

According to at least one source, Facebook received more UK Internet visits than Google’s UK search portal on Christmas Day, accounting for 10.50% of all UK Internet visits on that day. This trend shows that people were more interested in connecting with their friends and family during the holiday than in finding out what the latest tech news was. In the grand scheme of life, though, I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot more reports like this in the near future.

As each day passes, we are becoming more social. There are about a bajillion people already on Facebook. It’s not that I think Zuck and company will “kill” Google – I simply think we are going to put more emphasis on getting advice and information from our connections. We will start to turn to them for recommendations and reviews by slapping a question on our Wall. Think carefully about what you use Google for – and what you do on Facebook all day long. Can the two become interchangeable?

Is it possible that you may just leave all search engines behind in the future?

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