Use Freelancers to Create a Facebook Killer

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This video features Matt Barie, CEO of Freelancer, the world’s largest online freelancing portal. If you have an idea to create a competitor to Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia or Google, but you lack the programming talent, you can still do like Kevin Rose did to start, what Steve Jobs did to start Apple and what Bill Gates did to start Microsoft – you can just have someone else do all the programming work for you for cheap! Now that we have the Internet, why not hire someone to do it for those $500 or so that you have been saving up?

The potential for building your ideas by worldwide freelancers is huge, but this is also a functionality that needs to connect worldwide freelancers with the companies and idea people who want to build new tools and apps on the web. This is outsourcing of programming and any other remote work you can think of, among thousands of categories of work. If you have some idea, but you don’t have the programming skills to create your idea, consider checking out and sites like it to get the job done.

What do you think about globalized online freelancing? Have you used it?

This video was filmed by Charbax at LeWeb 2010 in Paris