What Do You Hate About Computers?

Over on Lockergnome, there’s an interesting discussion going on where we’re discussing things we hate about our computers. We spend a lot of time talking about the things we love: our processors, RAM and video cards. What about those things your machine does which make you want to smash it to bits? What’s the last “thing” your computer did to drive you crazy?

Many of the answers given by the community were ones you might expect. However, some of them touched on things I hadn’t thought of yet.

  • What i don’t like about computers is when the hard drive randomly starts reading constantly for no apparent reason.
  • What I hate about computers?… Well Computers are like Drivers Licenes… Some people are just meant not to have one, the world is just safer that way.
  • Trends in computer related technology seem to take the technology to new heights of obscurity. For example, the pentium 4 architecture (where speed was focused on ahead of multitasking), solid state drives (where speed is being focused on ahead of the ability to defragment and progress in RAM which is even faster), USB (a restrictive form of the old serial interface) and the new C standard.
  • I hate when the computer slows down due to something running in the background you didn’t know was there.
  • Hardware at the mercy of poorly written software.
  • There are to many acronyms to learn!

What about you? What do you hate about computers?