Viber iPhone App – Better Than Skype?

Could the new Viber iPhone app actually work the way Skype should have? According to early reports… it’s far better than Skype mobile has ever thought of being. Viber brings free calling to your phone over 3G or WiFi to anyone anywhere in the world. The app costs as much as the actual calls do – nothing!

When you install Viber, the app syncs your phone’s contact list and shows you which of your friends are also using Viber. You can begin making calls instantly without having to register for anything or hold an account. Viber Media founder Talmon Marco says:

“Skype is modeled after a buddy list – you need a user ID and password, and in order to talk to someone you need to ‘add them’, get approved, etc. Viber, on the other hand, is modeled after a phone. So your ID is your phone number (authenticated via SMS) and you can call anyone, as long as you know their number.”

The coolest part about this app is that it does not have to be running in order to work. You can close the app completely – even removing it from your background services – and still receive calls. The user is sent a notification, a ringtone will sound, and as soon as you click “Answer” on the notification, the app is launched and a connection is made automagically!

The creators are already hard at work on versions of this app goodness for both Android and Blackberry. These should be available early next year. However, the most important future update in the works is the addition of free text messaging between Viber users. This is something that Skype has never managed to accomplish within their app.

Viber simply works, and works well. Isn’t that what an app should do?