Angry Birds Not Being Flung to Windows Phone 7

Those of you with the hot new Windows Phone 7 devices in your possession are going to have to wait longer for Angry Birds. The app which has taken the world by storm – causing many of us to lose out on sleep and productive work – isn’t going to be available this year. The app creators, RovioMobile has said that the game has been delayed because it is “difficult to do apps for this platform.”

For those of you addicted to the game via iOS or Android, you’ll be seeing a Christmas version in the near future. Rovio is quite good at keeping us posted with the latest developments via their Twitter feed. Their twitter account is now Christmas themed with the red bird with a Santa hat on, hinting at the release as well. There has been no word on a release date yet, but the official Angry Birds Day is planned for December 11th.

There are meetups planned around the world to celebrate the war between bird and pig… the largest of those planned for London’s Trafalgar Square. This location is historically known for game releases and announcements, so rumors are already flying. There is speculation that Rovio will launch a console version or that it will spin out a movie.

Let’s see a show of virtual hands: how many of you are addicted to this beautiful little game? Are any of you planning to attend one of the meetups or otherwise celebrate Angry Bird Day?