Does Auto-Tune Turn You into T-Pain?

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I had a little TOO much fun playing with the new I Am T-Pain app for my iPad. Created by our friends at Smule (the Glee app creators!), this little nugget is going to amuse you for many hours. Hey, singing the things my chat room said back to them kept THEM entertained.

  • The App bundles several of T-Pain’s top songs including Bartender and I’m N Luv (Wit a Stripper), complete with lyrics, integrated Auto-Tune settings, and timings.
  • The App includes many previously unreleased T-Pain original beats.
  • Get five brand spankin’ new beats from the hottest producers every Thursday at 3pm. The first 100 to download them get them for free!
  • Use Auto-Tune with your existing iTunes library.
  • You can select the Freestyle option and use Auto-Tune for singing without companion tracks. Use this option if you simply want to send someone an Auto-Tuned greeting over email .

This app is seriously a LOT of fun, and you can spend hours creating some seriously cool tracks. Upload them to the app maker’s site and share them with the world.

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